Making the Case to Bring a Tech Revolution to Disease Control, with Charity Dean, MD, MPH&TM


Charity Dean, MD, MPH&TM

“As devastating as the #COVID-19 pandemic has been, I do not believe it’s the worst pathogen we’re going to see,” says @drcharitydean, CEO and Co-Founder of @ThePubHealthCo. She believes an even greater threat is coming and our healthcare system is no better prepared for it at this point. @AmerPhysGrps President and CEO @DonCrane talks with Dr. Dean about the pressing need for developing technology and software that gives real-time intelligence to identify and deal quickly with emerging infectious diseases. Dr. Dean is a keynote speaker at the #APGAC21 meeting, December 9-11, in San Diego. #publichealth #pandemic [Arrangements for the appearance of Charity Dean, MD, made through Greater Talent Network, LLC, New York, NY.]

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