MIPS APMs to Advanced APMs: How to Make the Valuable Transition

CMS and APG will provide opening introduction and housekeeping logistics, outlining the co-produced webinar series.

CMS will review the MIPS APM model and requirements for qualifying to become an advanced alternative payment model (APM). Additionally, CMS will answer specific audience questions on the final rule for 2018 and provide information and resources relevant to the transition from MIPS APM to advanced APMs.

APG will have its members cover key implementation steps for physicians and physician organizations in making the decision to transition. Our members will offer their strategies behind how they made the transition for their organization and share any challenges/pitfalls and tips as well. Further, they will be able to answer audience questions about their specific presentations.

CMS Speakers:

Corey Henderson, Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Division, CMS Innovation Center, Adam Conway, Division of Alternative Payment Model Infrastructure, CMS Innovation Center

APG Speakers:

Dr. Sam Skootsky, Chief Medical Officer, UCLA Faculty Practice Group and Medical Group, Chantal Buchanan, Executive Director, NEQCA


Dr. Amy Nguyen Howell, Chief Medical Officer, APG

Presentation slides and webinar recording are available for APG Members.