Privacy Policy

America’s Physician Groups may collect personal information to provide products and services to our members, partners, sponsors, and other consumers. The type of personal information collected includes name, organization, contact information (such as email address, mailing address, and phone number), and information to perform transactions (such as bank account and routing numbers, credit card data).

America’s Physician Groups will only collect such personal information necessary to provide approved products and services. Usage and disclosure of personal information varies based on a consumer’s relationship with America’s Physician Groups and the product and service being consumed. Personal information may be shared with third-party vendors and sponsors, to facilitate the delivery of services such as event registration, surveys, communications pertinent to membership and other provided services, and processing of payments.

For questions and concerns about your personal information, please contact:

Cassandra Perkins
Director of Administration
America’s Physician Groups
555 W 5th Street Floor 35 | Los Angeles, CA 90013
213.239.5040 V | 213.683.0032 F |