APG Responds to COVID-19

As organizations that take responsibility for the health of populations, we have long believed that racial disparities and other social determinants of health are the leading causal factor in the health status of our communities. COVID, the virus, may not discriminate. But it does exact its greatest toll on populations that do not have access to adequate nutrition, housing, medical care, education, and equal treatment under the law. Those imbalances must be righted if we are to have the optimally healthy society that we all seek.

  • February 01, 2021

    How does a successful integrated healthcare delivery system work? APG President and CEO Don Crane talks with Raj Shrestha,…

 Our Three Pillars of Excellence


Our government affairs teams in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento keep abreast of the latest federal and state policy and legislative issues to ensure that our physician organizations have a voice when and where it really counts.


We offer a variety of educational programs and resources designed to help physician groups succeed in all aspects of accountable, coordinated care.


Our members are given access to thought leaders and peers across healthcare sectors to learn and discuss programmatic implementation and risk-based contracting strategies.

APG’s Third Option

We are pressing for a new model in original Medicare providing for direct, globally capitated contracts between the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and capable, qualifying physician groups like APG members.