APG April 3 Risk Evolution Task Force Webinar

APG’s April 3, 2019 Risk Evolution Task Force (RETF) webinar provided results of the survey identifying which benchmarking metrics are most important to an ACO’s success.  The top five from the survey included 1) PMPY by category (IP, OP, Part B, SNF, HH). 3) IP admits per 1k and % of IP admits that come in through the ED, 3) % of avoidable ED visits, 4) SNF stays per 1k and average length of stay, and 5) Part B spend across subcategories. Aneesh Chopra and his team at CareJourney ran reports for RETF ACOs on these metrics.  The report showed comparisons including: 1) year over year comparison data 2) regional comparison, and 3) comparison with the RETF cohort leader.  You can download the slide presentation here.