Sponsorship Policy

From time to time America’s Physician Groups solicits or is offered cash sponsorship contributions from health plans, drug companies and others who either wish to support America’s Physician Groups’ activities or who wish to be perceived by America’s Physician Groups’ members as friends of CAPG or its member groups. America’s Physician Groups recognizes that the acceptance of such sponsorship contributions can create either actual or apparent conflicts of interest in the event that America’s Physician Groups’ position on a particular issue were to diverge from the position of a sponsor. It is the policy of America’s Physician Groups that such contributions can nevertheless be accepted as long as the sponsors understand that no quid pro quo will be given for such contributions. Sponsors therefore make contributions solely to support America’s Physician Groups’ activities and not to attempt to influence America’s Physician Groups in any way.

Each America’s Physician Group sponsor shall consequently be advised as follows:

“Sponsorship contributions to America’s Physician Groups shall not entitle a sponsor to direct or influence America’s Physician Groups’ policy or activities, and America’s Physician Groups shall take any position or action it deems advisable and in the interests of its members on any issue before it, including positions adverse to the position taken by one or more sponsors. Further, America’s Physician Groups may accept sponsorship contributions from sponsors with different positions on the same issues.”