Value-Based Contracting: An Essential Guide for Physician Organizations

APG is committed to advancing the delivery of health care that is value-based – that is, patient-focused, coordinated, integrated, and accountable for both costs and quality. To support our members’ success in participating in value-based models and contracts, APG is pleased to make available exclusively for APG members the publication Value-Based Contracting: An Essential Guide for Physician Organizations.

This essential handbook addresses the key issues inherent in risk-based contracting and achieving the operational requirements of these agreements. A remarkable group of APG members developed the handbook, drawing on their decades of experience in risk contract negotiation and administration.

This special resource includes invaluable information regarding planning, business relationships, and financial and administrative operations that go far beyond payor negotiations, such as the following:

• Preparation for risk contracting
• Legal issues and general contractual terms
• Sample contract language
• Compensation terms
• Term and termination
• Data sharing and use

APG welcomes your questions and feedback on this handbook. To obtain instructions on downloading a digital copy, APG members should contact Jennifer Jackman, Chief Operations Officer,