Committee Meetings

Committees are groups of APG Board members that are devoted to a particular topic, such as federal policy.

California Policy Committee

Staff Coordinator: Bill Barcellona, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

The Policy Committee is comprised of APG California-based Board members, who have voting rights to bind the Association to specific policy positions under our Bylaws. Each meeting features a two-hour in-person section with the Board members, and then a general, one-hour webinar briefing to our general membership.

Executive Committee

Staff Coordinator: Susan Dentzer, MS, President and CEO

The Executive Committee oversees the administrative issues of America’s Physician Groups and reports to the Board on membership recruitment and admissions, budget and audit, the annual work plan, and helps the chair and staff develop the Association infrastructure. Between meetings of the Governing Board, the Executive Committee shall have and exercise the authority of the Board in the management of APG.

Federal Policy Committee

Staff Coordinator: Jennifer Podulka, Vice President of Federal Policy

Federal Policy Committee meetings focus on technical suggestions to improve existing federal programs, laws, and regulations. This includes providing the Federal Affairs staff with specific “real world” guidance and metrics on federal comment letters, exploring future advocacy priorities, and sharing updates on current policy or proposed changes from congressional and administrative staff.

Governing Board

Staff Coordinator: Susan Dentzer, MS, President and CEO

The Governing Board is the guiding body of America’s Physician Groups activities. The Board approves members, budget and financials, and reviews/approves the major activities/focus of APG.