APG Consulting

Whether you’re getting ready to take on risk or already in it, APG Consulting can help you accelerate your journey. Our team is composed of executives with decades of success in value-based care at leading physician organizations across the country.

With the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and other reforms, federal and state governments have confirmed an inevitable drive to alternative payment models (APMs). This movement is creating great demand for education and support on how to move into APMs.

At the same time, APG is fortunate to have as a resource a group of highly experienced, recently retired physician organization CEOs. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, sometimes the hard way. And they want to help others succeed—because they strongly believe risk-based care offers the best outcomes and highest value for patients.

The moment is right to connect the dots, and the APG Consulting team welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

To learn more and get connected with one of our experts, please contact Nelson Maldonado.

Committee and Regional Meetings

Our members can learn and share knowledge and resources through a variety of committee and regional meetings

America’s Physician Groups Consulting

America’s Physician Groups Consulting is a team of executives with decades of success in risk-based care delivery at leading physician organizations across the country.

Alliances and Collaborations

America’s Physician Groups form strong alliances and collaborations with industry multi-stakeholders to inform important federal and state policies, improving quality of care and health outcomes for our patients.