How Waste in Healthcare Can Be An Asset in APMs, with Michael Chernew, PhD

Michael Chernew, PhD Bio

There is a lot of avoidable waste in the basic delivery of care, but this waste is actually an asset for alternative payment models (APMs). Unlike the fee-for-service model that discourages eliminating waste and low-value care because it loses money, APMs can get paid to eliminate that same waste and improve healthcare quality, says health economist @Michael_Chernew, PhD, professor of #healthcare policy at @harvardmed school, and chair of MEDPAC @medicarepayment. In a timely interview with APG President and CEO @DonCrane, Professor Chernew talks about the premise of his recent JAMA article, “A Path Forward for Alternative Payment: Build a Portfolio Not a Garden.” @AmerPhysGrps #Medicare #valuebasedcare

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