Forum Meetings

Forums are groups from APG’s general membership that are focused on educational and learning efforts in various key areas, such as the APG Pharmaceutical Care Forum.

California Medi-Cal Forum

Staff Coordinator: Bill Barcellona, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

This forum, formerly the State Government Programs Forum, serves California APG Members that contract and care for Medicaid, Dual Eligible, and special needs patients. Participants meet regularly to share information, support and discuss APG advocacy, and identify opportunities to promote quality, cost-effective healthcare in the public sector.

California Policy Forum

Staff Coordinator: Bill Barcellona, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

This forum focuses on APG’s advocacy in California, providing information and direction on legislation, regulations, and other activities impacting APG members in the state.

Clinical Quality Leadership (CQL) Forum

Staff Coordinator: Susan Huang, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer

The CQL Forum is composed of senior clinical leaders of APG’s physician organizations. The CQL is charged with the following duties:

  • Oversee the content and weighting of APG’s annual Standards of Excellence survey. Evaluate scoring distribution and recommend threshold points to the APG Board of Directors.
  • Discuss topics of clinical interest relating to the quadruple aim and physician group quality performance improvement efforts.
  • Serve as a clinical leadership forum to address the changing relationships, emerging markets, and challenges of healthcare reform.

The forum meets in person at least twice yearly (Annual Spring Conference and Annual Fall Conference) to discuss actionable solutions for challenging topics in the changing landscape of national health care. The committee uses its expertise to advocate with specific health care stakeholders to support clinically meaningful processes and outcomes through coordinated care. The forum also serves as an educational resource for APG members on topics around innovation and technology, population health management, value-based contracts, and social determinants of health.

Contracts Forum

Staff Coordinator: Jennifer Jackman, Chief Operating Officer

This forum’s mission is (1) to provide education and information about value-based contracts to members through contract analysis; (2) recommend and develop educational programs to improve contracting skills; and (3) provide a forum for information-sharing within the bounds of applicable law. The Contracts Forum will also coordinate with other forums and coalitions to suggest policy reviews as needed and will consult with health plans about contract innovation as requested. It is not a function of the forum to provide legal advice to members or other entities.

General Membership Forum

Staff Coordinator: Lura Hawkins, MBA, Vice President of Member Services

General Membership meetings provide APG members with a forum for educational programs and networking. General Membership meetings are open to all organizational members and partners.

Government Relations/Public Policy Forum

Staff Coordinator: Valinda Rutledge, Executive Vice President of Advocacy and Education 

The Government Relations/Public Policy Forum provides an opportunity for APG members who have responsibilities or interest in policy or government relations to provide updates on new regulations and legislative impacting APG members. The forum will focus on three primary goals: Exchange advocacy information; develop strategies among government relations officers; and amplify stakeholder voice through coordinated responses.

Pediatric Care Forum

Staff Coordinator: Susan Huang, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer

This forum focuses on a variety of topics relating to pediatric health, including immunizations, chronic conditions, and a pediatrics perspective on the Standards of Excellence survey.

Pharmaceutical Care Forum

Staff Coordinator: David Gonzalez, Senior Legislative Advocate

This forum is composed of pharmacists, physicians, and other clinical leaders responsible for pharmacy management in their organizations. The group offers participants education on pharmacy/pharmacy benefit management, as well as on clinical quality measurement programs such as CMS Stars and HEDIS. Members work with health plans to produce an annual Commercial and Medicare Formulary Grid.

Restricted License Forum

Staff Coordinator: Bill Barcellona, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

This Forum focuses on the considerations of APG members that possess or anticipate obtaining a restricted license under California’s Knox-Keene law (“RKK License”). The RKK License permits an entity to enter into global risk arrangements with fully licensed health plans on a contract-by-contract basis. Forum membership consists of existing APG members that agree to pay a separate dues surcharge to participate in this Coalition. The Forum educates policymakers and advocates for the expansion of this model. The Forum meets on a periodic, as-needed basis.