CAPG Applauds Federal Plan to Pay Healthcare Providers for Value, Not Volume

For Immediate Release Contact:
January 26, 2015

Daryn Kobata

CAPG is the largest U.S. trade association of physician groups practicing capitated, coordinated care.

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—Don Crane, President and CEO of CAPG, issued the following statement today in support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announcement of plans to accelerate alternative payment models in Medicare.

“Secretary Burwell set a goal of moving 30 percent of traditional Medicare spending into alternative payment models by the end of 2016, and up to 50% by the end of 2018. This plan represents a critical acceleration of delivery system transformation from payment for volume to population-based or capitated payment. CAPG strongly supports this goal and looks forward to working with the agency to make it a reality.

“This announcement will advance risk-based coordinated care and robust quality performance programs, and will offer tremendous value to patients. The care model that HHS seeks to expand is one that focuses on a team-based model emphasizing primary care and prevention. This model brings together caregivers across the continuum to address a patient’s total health needs, including behavioral, mental, and social factors. Seniors across the country have seen the benefits of this model and CAPG members look forward to working with HHS to expand this model across the nation.

“CAPG has witnessed the success of population-based payment to physician groups in Medicare Advantage. We believe original Medicare can be enhanced even further to greatly improve the care and quality of life for seniors by adopting a coordinated care approach. We also look forward to continuing to build on what works in Medicare Advantage.”

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