CAPG Recommends Proliferating High-quality Coordinated Care for Seniors

Coordinated Care Essential for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Posted Date:6/23/2015

Washington, D.C.—CAPG, the leading U.S. trade association for physician organizations practicing capitated, coordinated care, has submitted comments to U.S. senators outlining recommendations for advancing high-quality care delivery models for seniors with chronic conditions.

“The CAPG member model – prepaid capitation with clinical accountability and robust quality performance standards – is uniquely well suited to bring better care to the chronically ill,” the letter states. The model invests in team-based primary care with an eye toward preventing and slowing the progression of chronic diseases.

The Senate Finance Committee has launched a workgroup to explore solutions to improve outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries requiring chronic care.

“Today we are making concrete recommendations to achieve better care for the vast and growing number of seniors with chronic conditions,” said CAPG President and CEO, Don Crane.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Congress to pursue better healthcare for millions of seniors with chronic conditions,” Crane added.

The workgroup has said that it intends to product bipartisan legislation to be marked up later this year.

View CAPG’s letter here.

View a one-page summary of CAPG’s recommendations here.