Dr. Christopher Chen is the Chief Executive Officer of ChenMed, an innovative physician practice that aims to be America’s leading primary care provider. Working exclusively through a full-risk capitation model with Medicare Advantage health plans, Dr. Chen has grown ChenMed more than 30% per year since becoming CEO in 2009.

Now operating in 15 major metropolitan areas under the Chen Senior, JenCare, and Dedicated brands, ChenMed has been unique in its ability to replicate and scale a successful primary care practice. Dr. Chen has guided ChenMed to industry-leading quality and patient satisfaction results and 30-50% reductions in hospitalization rates through investment in primary care prevention and wellness.

Raised in South Florida, Dr. Chen graduated from the University of Miami’s Honors Program in Medicine. He went on to complete his medical training at Beth Israel Deaconess, a Harvard University teaching hospital, after which he completed a fellowship in cardiology at Cornell University Medical College in Manhattan, New York. As a board-certified cardiologist, he still practices medicine, seeing patients at the Miami Gardens ChenMed clinic.