Congressman Patrick Murphy Discusses Value of Medicare Advantage with Florida Seniors, Physicians

For Immediate Release: August 28, 2014
Source: Coalition for Medicare Choices and CAPG

Contact: Clare Krusing (Coalition for Medicare Choices)
(202) 778-8494,

Erin Moffet Hale (Congressman Murphy’s Office)
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Palm Beach Gardens, FL – The Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) and CAPG hosted a roundtable discussion today with Congressman Patrick Murphy, local seniors, and physicians about the importance of the Medicare Advantage program to Medicare beneficiaries in Florida.

Congressman Murphy has been recognized by the Coalition for Medicare Choices as a 2014 Medicare Advantage Champion for his work in Washington to protect seniors in the program. The discussion with the congressman focused on the value of Medicare Advantage and the importance of continuing to protect seniors in Medicare Advantage in the future.

“Thanks to the Coalition for Medicare Choices and CAPG for hosting a great roundtable discussion on the importance of protecting Medicare Advantage. At this time of major transition in health care in our nation, it is critical that seniors enrolled in traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage can keep the coverage on which they depend,” said Congressman Murphy. “Florida’s 18th district alone has over 160,000 seniors, with more than one third of them choosing a Medicare Advantage plan whose coverage could be severely impacted by short-sighted cuts. I will remain vigilant in defending the successful Medicare Advantage program, working across the aisle to find common-sense ways to keep costs level and plan options available.”

Medicare Advantage is the part of Medicare through which private health plans provide comprehensive medical coverage to seniors and other Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. Research shows that 9 out of 10 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are satisfied with their coverage. Members of the Coalition relayed their personal Medicare Advantage stories to the Congressman.

“I went to the dictionary and looked up the word ‘advantage’ and I said, ‘okay that’s me, that’s what I’ve got,’” said Florida resident Carol Berman about Medicare Advantage. “I think it’s one of the most valuable things, just knowing that I have this safety net if I get into trouble.”

More than 15 million Americans nationwide, including more than 1.4 million Floridians, choose Medicare
Advantage because of the better services, higher-quality care, and added benefits these health care plans provide. Physicians who participated in the discussion shared their experience treating patients in the program and the value of Medicare Advantage to seniors.

Dr. Chris Rao, a doctor with CAPG, stated “With the Medicare Advantage plans, I have a coordinated team and the time to spend time with the patient.”


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