Medicare Shared Savings Program Results for 2022 Underscore Transformative Power of Physician-Led ACOs

August 24, 2023

Washington, DC – Results released today by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) showing that the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) generated $1.8 billion in savings in 2022 further demonstrate the power of physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) in transforming the nation’s health care system, America’s Physician Groups (APG), the largest organization representing physicians committed to value-based care, said today.

“APG welcomes today’s announcement by CMS that the MSSP has again generated large savings for the Medicare program while simultaneously providing high-quality care to millions of older adults,” said Susan Dentzer, APG President and CEO. “These important results for 2022 underscore the fact that the ACOs that scored the highest per capita savings have been led by physicians. We salute our APG members who were among these high MSSP performers. Their achievements underscore our collective commitment to providing care that is truly accountable for costs and quality.”

APG is a national association representing approximately 360 physician groups with approximately 170,000 physicians providing care to nearly 90 million patients. “The common denominator among our groups is that all are committed to providing value-based health care, through participation in MSSP, the Medicare Advantage Program, and other alternative payment models,” Dentzer said. “We know that when physicians and other providers are given the appropriate incentives and are held accountable for the quality and cost of care they provide, patients will receive better care, experience improved outcomes, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, and save on out-of-pocket expenses. CMS’s future plans, which we salute, call for building out primary care teams with nurses and other clinicians, who will be able to work with our doctors to provide the person-centered care that all Americans want and deserve.”

With the 2022 results, the Medicare Shared Savings Program, a cornerstone of the nation’s movement to value-based care, has now demonstrated six consecutive years of savings and high-quality care. Nearly two-thirds of participating ACOs earned shared savings from the government, with those mainly made up of physicians earning the highest per capita net savings. Specifically, ACOs designated “low revenue”—mainly made up of physicians—earned on average $228 per capita in net savings, while high-revenue ACOs, which are typically led by large health systems, experienced $140 per capita net savings.

Compared to providers not in ACOs, participating MSSP providers also delivered higher performance on quality measures pertaining to some of the most important clinical conditions affecting older adults, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. “These achievements demonstrate the power of the federal government’s pledge that all Medicare beneficiaries—and most Medicaid beneficiaries—should be in accountable relationships with their health care providers by 2030,” Dentzer said. “This accountability— both to patients and to the nation’s taxpayers—is essential to ensuring that health care is affordable, accessible, and equitable for all.”

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America’s Physician Groups is a national association representing approximately 360 physician groups with approximately 170,000 physicians providing care to nearly 90 million patients. APG’s motto, ‘Taking Responsibility for America’s Health,’ represents our members’ commitment to clinically integrated, coordinated, value-based healthcare in which physician groups are accountable for the costs and quality of patient care. Visit us at


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