Video Recordings: SYMPOSIUM: How to Thrive in Risk-based Coordinated Care-APG Educational Series 2016 (Part I)

Videos and Presentation slides for How to Thrive in Risk-based Coordinated Care Videos.

Tom Gordon, Senior Vice President, Cedars-Sinai Health System

Essentials of Effective Communication for Leadership

Stephen Linesch, MBA, Senior Vice President, CAPG

Capitated Risk Contracts: Must-Have Provisions

Amy Nguyen Howell, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, CAPG

Standards of Excellence™: Learn the Elements of Care Coordination

Scott Howell, DO, MPH & TM, CPE, Heritage Provider Network

Risk Adjustment and Population Health Management

Russell Kohl, MD, Founder and CEO, 2.0 Healthcare

Practice Transformation: Getting Everyone on the Team to Practice at the Top of Their License