C.R. Burke

C.R. Burke is a seasoned senior executive with extensive experience in building and operating multiple large multispecialty medical groups and physician-affiliated networks within integrated delivery systems. Most recently he served at St. Joseph Health System (SJHS) as President and CEO of St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare (SJHH), a nonprofit medical practice foundation managing 2,000-plus physicians. Mr. Burke oversaw development, operations, and expansion of multiple physician groups and networks to support eight distinct California markets. During his tenure, various SJHS medical groups and networks gained statewide and national recognition for quality and patient experience outcomes, technology adoption in clinical practice, and contracting models. Previously, as Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Operating Officer of SJHH’s Southern California Divisions, Mr. Burke led initiatives to reduce costs, improve network specialty contracting models, expand medical offices, and implement EMR across multiple large medical groups.

Areas of Expertise

  • Development/administration of large medical groups and independent practice associations (IPAs) in integrated delivery systems
  • Development and implementation of compensation models for large multispecialty medical groups
  • Strategic contract negotiation in multiple payment models, including risk-based arrangement
  • Performance improvement through reporting clinical outcomes, patient experience, and physician satisfaction
  • Large-scale EMR implementation