Robert Cetti

Rob Cetti is President of Care Allies, a Cigna company that provides people and technology to physicians so they can successfully manage nearly half a million patients, and almost $5 billion in annual premiums. Although not a physician, Rob is also an active board member of American Physicians Group which convenes and supports over 170,000 physicians delivering value based care. Rob has over 25-years of experience in working with physicians and hospitals across the United States, including private equity experience in aggregating physicians through acquisition and other legal vehicles. He has brought critical change leadership to intentionally align incentives and goals of physicians with healthplans. The result has led to improved affordability while improving the outcomes for individuals covered by group and individual products. Rob’s insight into complex compliance considerations while balancing the need to create alignment across traditional competitors (healthplans and providers) has led him to have specific insight into the complex world of healthcare. Rob splits his time between Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona but during his career he has held various regional and national duties, which gives him direct knowledge to many state level and site specific considerations.