APG Partners include health plans, pharmaceutical companies, technology, and other healthcare companies. One key reason to join APG is to gain a better understanding of the healthcare delivery system. APG Partners can become part of the action and get a closer glimpse of what’s behind the scenes in healthcare. They also have the opportunity to work in partnership with leading physician groups nationwide. Partners also receive timely updates on key issues and legislative activities impacting the healthcare industry. Priority and discounts are given to APG Partners for marketing and sponsor opportunities.

Partner Benefits

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Sponsor Opportunities

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Partner List

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National Meetings

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APG Partners are invited to participate and attend the following programs:

Health Equity and Social Justice

APG formed the Health Equity and Social Justice (HESJ) Collaborative to support APG member and partner organizations in addressing the systemic issues that create challenges and barriers for individuals from underserved communities to access quality, affordable healthcare. This Collaborative, open to all APG members and partners, creates a forum with opportunities for education, problem-solving, and collaboration. Workgroups take a deeper look into the following segments:

  • Internal Staff
  • Health Studies, Clinical Trials and Policy
  • Patient Care
  • External Partners

Example topics that fall under these workgroups can be found here.

To learn more, please contact Lura Hawkins

Partner Advisory Council

APG values its Corporate, Associate, and Affiliate Partners and has created a Partner Advisory Council where each organization has one representative who participates as a council member. This group meets twice a year to discuss APG Partner benefits, sponsor opportunities, and new ideas. New programs have been created based on Partner input to maximize the benefits of being an APG Partner.

To learn more, please contact Lura Hawkins

General membership & Webinar Wednesdays

APG Partners are invited to General membership meetings which are held twice a year and Webinar Wednesdays which are held on the second Wednesday of each month. General Membership covers a broad variety of topics while Webinar Wednesday is an hour-long webinar focused on an emerging trend in value-based healthcare. These educational programs are restricted to APG members and partners.

For more information, please contact Shelley Robinette


California Policy Updates for Partners

Bill Barcellona, EVP Government Affairs, and David Gonzalez, Senior Legislative Advocate, from APG’s Sacramento office provide briefings to our Partners on key issues on legislation, regulation, affordability, provider consolidation, and policy direction.

To learn more, please contact Norma Springsteen